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He started his career as a dishwasher boy, earning a livelihood but supporting a family, late Shri Venkatesh Kamat had his start in humble beginnings. Through sheer hard work and keen business acumen, he started his first restaurant at byculla.

Not content with its doing well, his ambitions was supported by his wife, Smt. Indira V. Kamat, who pawned her jewellery including her mangal sutra to set up the flagship Satkar in 1938 . From there the group only went from strength to strength adding many restaurants under his fold such as Suruchi, Sanman etc…

Later he was joined by his sons, and the group opened their first ‘Thali’ restaurant - ‘Samrat’ in 1973 followed by ‘Status’ respectively. The growth of the group exploded after the efforts of our current Chairman Dr. Vithal V. Kamat. Under his guidance 'Kamats' become a household name especially in Maharashtra & Gujarat with a 'Kamats' restaurant at almost every major junction of South Mumbai.

Born with keen business sense, Dr. Vithal V. Kamat had the opportunity to tone his skills while working with his grand father Shri R.P. Kamat in Bangalore. With his hard work and determination, Dr. Vithal V. Kamat grew more larger than the general name 'Kamats' to become a brand in himself.

In 1997 Dr. Vithal V. Kamat split from the family, as written in his famous autobiography - ‘Idli Orchid ani Me’ (Marathi best seller), and made his own path.

As guest came to except high level of quality, hygiene & service from
Dr. Vithal V. Kamat, it became more necessary for him to branch out on his own name. Therefore, to better identify with his fan following and to differentiate 'Vithal Kamats - Restaurants' from other general ‘Kamats’, in 2005 the group reinstated itself as 'Vithal Kamat – Original Family Restaurant' to be better identified for the quality and product that he stood for. He followed his zeal for restaurants under the flagship company - KRPL (Kamats Restaurants Private Limited), which is ambitiously growing from strength to strength on highways across India. KRPL owns and also franchises its restaurants across India.